Cincinnati Celtic Festival Highland Dance Competition

By Cincinnati Highland Dancers (other events)

Saturday, July 24 2021 12:00 PM 4:00 PM EST

Welcome back to Highland Dance competition!  We are very excited to host our outdoor highland dance competition again July 24, 2021.  Group 2 will not be admitted to the competition area until Group 1 has cleared the space.

The event is outdoors on the street in a large tent.  Families will be asked to stay in their pods socially distanced from other families.  

Times are Eastern Daylight Savings Time
11:30 am  Group 1 Registration Primary/Beginner/Novice
12:00 pm  Group 1 Dancing commences
· Primary PDB & PDB & Highcuts
· Fling (4 steps) Beg/Novice/Primary
· Sword (2 & 1) Beg/Novice/Primary
· Seann Truibhas (3 & 1) Beg/Nov

Approx. 1:30 pm Group 2 Registration Int/Premier
Dancing will commence 30 minutes after registration begins.
· Barracks Johnnie (4 steps) Intermediate
· Highland Laddie (4 steps) Premier
· Fling (4 steps) Intermediate/Premier
· Sword (2 & 1) Intermediate/Premier
· Seann Truibhas (3 & 1) Intermediate/Premier

Event Website: HOME | Cincinnati Celtic Festival   


Ohio Departmet of Health - please check here for current state and local guidelines.  

ScotDance USA Rules for Competitions
Update Effective July 9, 2021

• Dancers must arrive in costume, completed hair, and make-up.
• Changing areas will not be available.
• Each dancer must present a valid 2021 SDUSA Registration card with the new sticker on the back. Pre-Premier cards will be collected in a box and returned at the end of the competition.
• Socially distanced, designated spaces will be available for dancers/family member.
• Dancers, volunteers, and spectators at SDUSA competitions must comply with state and local guidelines for mask wearing. All dancers may wear a mask when entering the competition stage. Dancers may remove their mask and place it in a paper bag at the back of the competition stage or opt to compete while wearing a mask. • Extra masks will be made available by the organizer.
• Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the venue.
• A paper bag with handles will be provided by the organizer upon arrival for holding the dancer’s mask while on the platform, if needed. • SDUSA “Day of Competition Certificate” will need to be signed upon arrival.
• Only one dancer may register at a time. All attendees must practice social distancing while waiting in line in accordance with state and local guidelines.
• The stage will not be available for warm-up. Dancer warm-up can occur in either the designated family space or a socially distanced area outside the event perimeter.
• Water will not be available; all dancers must provide their own water and snacks.
• Awards may be placed in a bag with the dancer’s name and available for pickup at the awards table along with dancers’ Pre-Premier cards.
• Trophy winners may be awarded on stage.
• Mask wearing- It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that their unvaccinated children are protected by wearing a mask and practicing social distancing, especially if the child is under the age of 12 years. • Please have a mask available to use for crowded indoor venues.
• If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, especially if you are not vaccinated, please do so even if state and local guidelines do not require it.


By registering for this competition you are agreeing to abide by the RSOBHD competition recommendations.  

Mailing Address

502 Old State Route 74 Cincinnati, OH 45244